Monday , 26 January 2015

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Makeup Trends 2015 Edition

Makeup Trends for 2015

Makeup trends in 2015 might just have you clearing out your makeup drawers and bags. A quick look at many of the models show a trend towards little to no makeup. Of course, it’s not all neutral. There’s plenty of room for color as long as you do it right. ... Read More »

100% Pure Organic Rose Hydrasol

100 percent pure organic rose hydrasol

100 % Pure Organic Rose Hydrosol Review 100% Percent Pure is one of those brands that never fail to amaze me. I have had the luxury of trying a few of their products and have found that I love them all. I’m still telling people about their mascara that I’ve ... Read More »

Has Dr. Halland Chen Found the Fountain of Youth?

Dr Halland Chen Facials

Has Dr. Halland Chen Found the Fountain of Youth? With the Pure Glow Facial we are beginning to think so. The results are timeless, illuminating and will have you leaving the office with gorgeous results in a matter of minutes. Dr. Halland, New York City Specialist performs the Pure Glow ... Read More »

The Lipstick League – Best Cruelty Free Top Coat

Chrome Girl I Scream Nail Polish

Question of the Week: What’s your current favorite top coat and how long have you been using it for your manicures? Answer: For the past year or so I’ve been reaching for the Chrome Girl Top Coat. I’m tapping on the computer, iPad or cell phone all day so I’m ... Read More »

Customize Phone Cases with Casetify

Casetify My Beauty Bunny phone case

It’s easy to customize phone cases with Casetify! I recently created my own My Beauty Bunny iPhone cases with a brand called Casetify. It’s pretty cool! They have a lot of pre-designed phone cases that I was tempted by, but I ended up creating my own (shown above in iPhone ... Read More »

Spring Fashion Trends 2015

asos shirt dress

Get ready to reinvent yourself with the designer Spring 2015 fashion trends. Some were already gaining ground last year, but this year is full of fun, flirty and highly relaxed looks. Overall, the one trend that stands out is the flexibility to put your own stamp on any of these ... Read More »

Spring 2015 Nail Trends

runway nail trends 2015

Spring 2015 Nail Trends Nails are definitely seeing some love in 2015. The Spring nail trends this year are extremely varied, so odds are, you’ll have an easy time finding something you like. Much like makeup trends, simple and minimal seem to be front and center. However, flamboyant is a ... Read More »

Tom’s of Maine Natural Toothpaste and Floss

toms of maine toothpaste floss

Tom’s of Maine – a natural approach to dental care. If there is one thing I take seriously it’s definitely going to be my dental care. After working in the dental industry for over 10 years I’ve seen all sort of the things and the outcomes of not taking proper ... Read More »