Saturday , 29 November 2014

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How Is Adult Acne Different from Teen Acne?

woman with acne

Why Adult Acne Is Different. Acne isn’t just for teens. Many adults suffer from acne, especially women. It doesn’t mean adolescence is still hounding you. It just means you have a common form of acne that frequently plagues adults. However, you might find the same treatments you used as a ... Read More »

Vegan for the Holidays Giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving My Beauty Bunny

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is keeping warm and cozy. What am I thankful for? YOU! My loyal readers who are taking a stand against animal testing. I’m also grateful for all the wonderful companies who refuse to test on animals. Thank you for doing what you do. And if ... Read More »

Superfruit Infused Eppa Sangria!

Eppa Sangria Superfruit

I was recently introduced to a new kind of “adult beverage.” This one is called eppa sangria, and it has TWICE the antioxidants of regular wine! It’s made with organic grape and organic superfruits like acai, blood orange, blueberry, pomegranate and lime. The sangria comes in red and white varieties. ... Read More »

What is a Good Melasma Treatment?

what is melasma

Melasma Treatment Options What Is Melasma? Before treating melasma, it’s important to understand what it is and what causes it. The disorder causes skin discoloration on the cheeks, lips, forehead, nose and/or arms. It typically looks like a brown or grey rash. On those with fairer skin, melasma is often ... Read More »

NCLA Nail Wraps Review

NCLA nail wraps mybeautybunny

Easy Nail Art With NCLA Nail Wraps Nail wraps. I had heard about them, but I never really understood how ‘stickers’ could actually work on my nails. I thought stickers were only for doctor visits when I was a kid. But when I received the NCLA nail wraps at the ... Read More »

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color

milani lip intense lip color

Milani’s Lip Intense Liquid Colors are what I’ll be “raving” about today (don’t worry, you’ll get the rave pun soon.) I have all four of the lip intense colors—Red Extreme, Pink Rave (there it is), Fiery Coral, and Violet Addict. Let me tell you, these colors do not stray from ... Read More »

The Lipstick League – Holiday Shopping


Question of the Week: Do your beauty spending habits change during the holidays? Do you tend to purchase more (or less) beauty-related items for yourself at this time of year? Answer: Of course! Every year I *try* not to buy holiday collections for my own use – but I always ... Read More »

Different Types Of Exfoliants For The Skin

the right exfoliant for your skin

Choose The Right Exfoliant For Your Skin. Exfoliating is necessary to remove dry, dead skin cells that clog pores. Removing these helps skin look and feel better. However, choosing the right exfoliant might seem impossible with so many choices available. The choice typically comes down to either chemical or physical. ... Read More »

New! Thursdays with Cheeky Rox!

Cheeky Rox

Hi everyone! I’m Roxy of Cheeky Rox (AKA Roxette Howe)! I’ll be writing a post or sharing a video with beauty tips and tricks, or a review of a cruelty free product I love each Thursday on My Beauty Bunny! You can click the banner on the right side of ... Read More »

Revolutionize Your Lashes with Eddie Funkhouser Quattro Variable Lash Mascara


Eddie Funkhouser Quattro Variable Lash Mascara Review Eddie Funkhouser is a professional-quality, cruelty-free makeup brand created by renowned makeup artist and spokesperson, Mr. Funkhouser, himself. The brand features everything from professional-grade makeup brushes to highly pigmented lipsticks. Today we’ll be looking at the revolutionary Quattro Variable Lash Mascara in Absolute Black. Eddie ... Read More »