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Correxiko Fit Power Workout Protein Powder

The Lipstick League – Supplementing My Beauty Routine

Question of the Week: What alternative products do you use in your skincare regime? Think supplements, things found in the garden or the fridge… Answer: I love supplements! My love affair started when I started working for a local health food store in high school and college. Getting nutrients from ...

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CORREXIKO Health Supplements

Cruelty Free Skin and Health Hacks

Not everyone knows this, but I am a huge fan of health and wellness supplements! I eat right (most of the time), work out, and try to get the right amount of water and sunlight, but sometimes mother nature needs a little help. I consider a “health hack” to be ...

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit: Hit or Miss?

Thursdays with Cheeky Rox: Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit Review and Swatches! Cruelty-free beauty brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills, has been taking the makeup world by storm lately! They’ve been releasing tons of new products and hitting the nail on the head with every single one. One of their newest ...

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sheamoisture lavender baby review by my beauty bunny

SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Provence Lavender Baby

Calm Your Baby with Lavender As a new mommy, putting my baby down to sleep has been challenging at times. She’s gone through good phases and had a couple difficult ones, and when that happens you begin searching for ways to help your little one go down a bit easier. ...

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Sleep Styler Review

Curl While You Dry – Sleep Styler Giveaway!

I am not a hair person. I’m on board when it comes to makeup and skincare, but I’m always looking for products to make my hair look better with minimal time and effort. If I had time and money to get a blow out every day, I’d do it. I’m ...

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The Lipstick League – From Sampler to Purchase

Question of the Week: Name the last free beauty sample you received that ultimately led to the purchase of a full-size product. Answer: Another timely Lipstick League question! I recently visited a Chella Beauty Brow Bar here in Southern California. I went for a brow makeover (which was fabulous) and ...

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Hydropeptide Lash Growth Serum Review

You Need a Lash Growth Serum if You Wear Lash Extensions

Hydropeptide Lash Growth Serum Saved My Lashes! My natural lashes are pretty standard – not crazy long or crazy short. I’d say they’re about average. BUT, because my eyes are hooded, it looks like I don’t have any lashes at all. I had my moment with falsies in my 20s ...

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Too Faced Mascara Melt Off

Too Faced Mascara Melt Off: Does it work?

Thursdays with Cheeky Rox: Too Faced Mascara Melt Off Review Summertime definitely calls for lots of waterproof makeup. I always try to use as much waterproof makeup as possible for beach trips and pool days – I mean, is there any other way to go? I love that my makeup ...

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Layla Mattress – How I Get My Beauty Sleep

Layla Mattress Review and Unboxing – How I Get My Beauty Sleep! Kiss the awkward visits to the mattress showroom goodbye! Get your beauty sleep – salesman-free, stress-free and hassle-free – with Layla Sleep! As a beauty lover, I spend a lot of time, energy and money into my beauty ...

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My Hidden Anxiety and Depression

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety So, it’s time for some personal stuff. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on the blog before, but I have suffered from anxiety and depression for most of my life. It’s genetic and runs in the family. Thank goodness we have a psychology professor (my dad) ...

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