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Zoya Spring 2015 cruelty free nail polish

Zoya Eden NOTD Spring 2015

I’m loving this Spring nail color from Zoya! It’s called Eden, and it’s a pretty cool-toned pink. I wasn’t sure if it would be wearable, since I normally go for warmer colors, but it totally was! Check out a beautiful lavender shade I shared a while ago called Leslie. Zoya’s ...

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Paula's Choice Hydralight Sunscreen My Beauty Bunny

Paula’s Choice Hydralight sunscreen

A Sunscreen for All Skin Types We as a species LOVE the sun. And we get it everywhere, all year round – while going for a jog, going to work, or just going to the grocery store. But what about our skin?? Constant sun exposure, even at low levels or ...

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The Beagle Freedom Project

A word from The Beagle Freedom Project (an amazing organization that is helping to re-home animals from testing labs, change animal testing legislature, and spread the word about cruelty free products): Hey there, Beauty Bunnies! Almost everyone reading this blog is an animal lover, aware of the inhumane practices of ...

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milani moisture matte collection swatches my beauty bunny

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks

Hi ladies! Roxette Arisa from Cheeky Rox here again! Milani makes some of the best cruelty-free, drugstore cosmetics on the market. This is an affordable cruelty-free option, but you won’t be sacrificing any quality. All of their products are very well made, which is why I was super excited to try out ...

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the body shop drops of youth bouncy sleeping mask my beauty bunny

The Body Shop Drops Of Youth – Bouncy Sleeping Mask

Upon first look, I had to giggle at the name of this product. Bouncy sleeping mask? Sounds like something a kid would don at a slumber party in the hopes of obtaining super powers. The claims on the box seemed pretty magical too: one overnight use promises “bouncier, smoother, refreshed” ...

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Natural Products Expo West Anaheim

My Crazy Weekend at the Natural Products Expo West!

If you love cruelty free cosmetics, skincare, beauty products, supplements, and healthy foods and snacks, you will LOVE the Natural Products Expo! There are two each year – one on the west coast and one on the east coast (known as Expo West and Expo East). I went to the ...

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too faced milk chocolate bronzer my beauty bunny

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer Review

Delectable Vegan Makeup from Too Faced! IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT EAT THE BRONZER! When you get your hands on this baby, you’ll understand why I had to specify! It looks like chocolate. It smells like chocolate (omg yes.) It’s even called “milk chocolate” (which is actually a bit of a misnomer ...

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The Lipstick League – One Week, One Lip Color

Question of the Week: You’re leaving the house and must grab ONE lip color to wear for the entire week. Quick! What do you pick? Answer: Since spring is here, right now I think I would grab a light, fresh, coral-y shade like the Beauty Bakerie’s Honey. This creamy lipstick ...

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Whole Foods Beauty Swaps

My 8 Beauty Swaps from Whole Foods Market

Recently Whole Foods Market gave me a $50 gift card to make some healthy, cruelty free swaps to products I have already been using. You guys know I only use cruelty free products, but I found some great products all the same, and some were much better than what I ...

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