Thursday , 30 October 2014

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NEW! Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer

dermalogica redness relief primer review

Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer Review I’ve been happily in state of denial about my rosacea for a few years now. Bit too long in the sun, I’m just a little flushed, my skin must not like that new cleanser…these are all things I told myself in the past and they’re ... Read More »

New Fall Nail Polishes from Chrome Girl!


Chrome Girl is a cruelty-free, non-toxic nail polish brand that’s a fashion forward alternative to all of the chemical-ridden nail polishes on the market. Chrome Girl takes pride in being a “5-free” nail polish brand. This means that the polishes are formulated without the top 5 toxins used in commercial nail ... Read More »

Aquatherapy Lavender Soap

Aquatherapy Lavender Soap

Aquatherapy Lavender Soap Bar Review by Jonathan Agam. I’m not someone who is really into scents, but this I literally held this Aqua Therapy lavender soap up to my nose for twenty minutes because of the lavender scent. Girl. THIS SMELLS AMAZING. I have super sensitive skin so I don’t ... Read More »

Aquatherapy Mud Mask

Aquatherapy Mud Mask

Aquatherapy Mud Mask Review by Jonathan Agam. I’m not someone who usually uses mud masks but I had such great end results from trying other Aquatherapy products, so I had to give it a try! I especially wanted to try this product because I saw that Khloe Kardashion posted a ... Read More »

Pure Natural Diva Bath and Body Scents

Tania Pure Natural Diva Perfumes

I am a huge fan of fellow blogger, Tania’s homemade in LA brand, Pure Natural Diva. Her organic perfumes are to die for! She is the guru of natural products, and very educated about all of the bad stuff that is commonly found in health and beauty products (especially fragrances!). ... Read More »

Love & Toast Perfumes from Pharmaca

Meow Meow Tweet Review

Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy is an every day health resource that combines traditional pharmacy services with natural, holistic healthcare remedies and expert practitioners. Pharmaca serves customers by offering whatever health care route you want to take, being that of Eastern or Western, conventional, or herbal remedy, Pharmaca adapts to your specific ... Read More »

Balance and Hydrate with Gabriel Organics Skincare


Gabriel Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand that has tons of products ranging from high-quality, gluten-free makeup to vegan shampoo for kids! Their luxurious line of skincare products is called Gabriel Organics. Like the name suggests, this line of skincare is certified organic and uses only 100% natural ingredients derived from sea ... Read More »

The Lipstick League – Dry Skin Savior


Question of the Week: Now that the weather is getting cooler in the Northern hemisphere, what product do you rely on to keep your skin soft and moisturized? Answer: We haven’t moved into chilly fall weather yet here in Southern California – which is getting a little frustrating – I’m ... Read More »