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Archipelago Botanicals is the Best!

Archipelago Botanicals

I have a new-found obsession with Archipelago Botanicals! I had heard of them, but they weren’t really on my radar until recently. Now I’m hooked! I’ve told you about my constant battle with a stinky dog and two stinky cats. I’ve bought plenty of candles and scented products, and very few have been this highly scented and effective – AND come in scents that I LOVE.

I have two of their Signature Diffusers – one in Bergamot Tobacco and one in Mango Tangerine. I’m normally more of an Earthy-scent type of gal, so the Bergamot Tobacco is right up my alley. It’s a sexy, earthy scent, but don’t worry – it won’t make your house smell like tobacco or like a man cave! It has a much broader appeal than that – men and women can enjoy it. Most fruity scents drive me crazy because they are too strong and smell fake. The Mango Tangerine is strong in the sense that it will scent your room, but not in the “ohmigod I’m gonna die” kind of way that you find at certain stores in the mall. My boyfriend, Gregg, loves it.

I also tried the (vegan) Signature Soy Candles in the same two scents and they are not only very highly scented, but lovely to look at. They come in really nice gift boxes and the candles themselves are fancy too. I seriously want to try them all. These candles would also make a great gift for almost anyone! Hostess gift, in-laws gift, co-worker gift, girlfriend gift (ahem – Gregg are you listening?)…

Morning Mint body lotion

Archipelago Botanicals also has bath and body products! Their Morning Mint line is so refreshing. It’s not just straight mint – but mint mixed with the scent of fresh cut grass and mandarin. A fresh, rejuvenating scent to wake you up in the morning or revive your tired feet at night. It does contain milk solids (so not for my vegan friends). The Milk Line is also great (contains milk, soy and oat proteins). The body wash and moisturizer are luxurious and moisturize without being greasy. Perfect for the Winter months!

Bottom line? I love this brand and I want to try everything! :)

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