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100% Pure Organic Rose Hydrasol

100 percent pure organic rose hydrasol

100 % Pure Organic Rose Hydrosol Review 100% Percent Pure is one of those brands that never fail to amaze me. I have had the luxury of trying a few of their products and have found that I love them all. I’m still telling people about their mascara that I’ve ... Read More »

Has Dr. Halland Chen Found the Fountain of Youth?

Dr Halland Chen Facials

Has Dr. Halland Chen Found the Fountain of Youth? With the Pure Glow Facial we are beginning to think so. The results are timeless, illuminating and will have you leaving the office with gorgeous results in a matter of minutes. Dr. Halland, New York City Specialist performs the Pure Glow ... Read More »

Tom’s of Maine Natural Toothpaste and Floss

toms of maine toothpaste floss

Tom’s of Maine – a natural approach to dental care. If there is one thing I take seriously it’s definitely going to be my dental care. After working in the dental industry for over 10 years I’ve seen all sort of the things and the outcomes of not taking proper ... Read More »

Why You Should Be Doing Scalp Massages

benefits of scalp massage my beauty bunny

The Benefits of Scalp Massage Investing a short amount of time into giving yourself a scalp massage can give you a world of benefits. I don’t know too many that refuse a massage and one on the scalp can create ultra relaxation, improve your mood, and potentially improve the health ... Read More »

Cocoa Brown Tanning Kit Review


If you think faux tanning is important in the summer, it’s even more important in the winter when there’s no sun to be found! Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have an ongoing love affair with having tanned skin.  When I was a child I was always out ... Read More »

7 Most Popular My Beauty Bunny Posts of 2014

My Beauty Bunny Holidays 2014

I hope everyone’s holidays are merry and bright (and cruelty free)! Here are the top seven most popular posts on My Beauty Bunny in 2014! Enjoy! How to Curl Stubbornly Straight Eyelashes 4 Skin Health Benefits of Jojoba Oil Let Your Skin Drink Up the Benefits of Tea How to ... Read More »