Thursday , 31 July 2014
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8 Must Have Summer Beauty Products

Summer Beauty Products

Summer is here and I have the A/C on full blast! I don’t have a pool, but as soon as someone invites me to their pool, I plan on taking full advantage! Here are some of my favorite summer beauty products to help you beat the heat and still look ... Read More »

China Ending SOME Animal Testing – Get the Facts

Be Cruelty-Free China Event

As you may have heard recently, on June 30, 2014, China changed its rules on cosmetics animal testing. Humane Society International’s Be Cruelty-Free China campaign was one of the first to welcome and celebrate the news, having worked hard for more than a year to achieve this milestone for animals. ... Read More »

Hubalou Hair Towel

Hubalou Hair Wrap

Finally! A hair wrap that doesn’t damage my hair, and is actually big enough to hold all of my hair. I don’t even have a crazy amount of hair, so I don’t know what you super curly haired gals do! But this might be what you’ve been searching for. The ... Read More »

Cruelty Free Olivine Atelier Perfume

Olivine Atelier Oxley Perfume Review

I am a huge perfume snob. I prefer indie perfume artisans to those gross drugstore and department store stink bombs (that are generally not cruelty free anyway). My friend Ashlee of The Little Foxes told me that I MUST try this vegan, cruelty free perfume called Olivine. The owner, Julie, ... Read More »

Wen by Celebrity Hair Stylist Chaz Dean


Let me introduce you to the Rockstar Hair Guru, Chaz Dean. When Hollywood celebrities want their hair perfect, they go to Chaz Dean. Period. He’s a hair-prenuer who created the most unique hair studio and a wildly successful WEN Hair & Body Care line (which is all natural & animal cruelty ... Read More »

Be HairWorks by Shannon Tackett

Shannon Tackett and Jen Mathews

I recently got a sneak peak of the new Be HairWorks by Shannon Tackett. It’s a new, cruelty free, 3-step system of veteran hair stylist, Shannon Tackett. It cleanses hair completely while repairing and restoring moisture and hydration from scalp to end. Shannon gave me a complete cleanse, cut and ... Read More »