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Tom’s of Maine Lip Colors and Balms

As far back as I can remember, and even before I was born! (founded in 1970), Tom’s of Maine has been pioneering their all-natural, cruelty free, vegetarian dental hygiene products. One of the first companies to introduce any such product, their toothpastes quickly became a fixture in animal-loving homes everywhere ...

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Natural Products Expo West Anaheim

My Crazy Weekend at the Natural Products Expo West!

If you love cruelty free cosmetics, skincare, beauty products, supplements, and healthy foods and snacks, you will LOVE the Natural Products Expo! There are two each year – one on the west coast and one on the east coast (known as Expo West and Expo East). I went to the ...

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Whole Foods Beauty Swaps

My 8 Beauty Swaps from Whole Foods Market

Recently Whole Foods Market gave me a $50 gift card to make some healthy, cruelty free swaps to products I have already been using. You guys know I only use cruelty free products, but I found some great products all the same, and some were much better than what I ...

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CLEAN Air Perfume

Layering Fragrances with CLEAN

CLEAN is one of my favorite perfume brands. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the smell of fresh laundry, clean towels, clean hair, anything fresh and clean! There’s a scene in the Walking Dead where one of the characters, Maggie, smells fresh laundry after having been out in the wild forever, and ...

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the many uses of coconut oil my beauty bunny

Five Ways To Use Coconut Oil In Your Beauty Routine

The Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil Ahh the wonders of coconut oil. There are so many ways to use this wonderful stuff that you’ll soon be calling it your all-in-one savior. With its high amounts of saturated fatty acids, antifungal/antibacterial properties, and extra moisturizing benefits, coconut oil can help resolve ...

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