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The DIY Dirt on Dandruff: How to Cure it Naturally

Guest Post by Nadia Jones For those of us that love to play with our hair, dandruff is one of the worst things to deal with. After all our hard work prepping our to-die-for coifs, the effects are marred by unwanted white flakes that just won’t seem to go away. ...

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Cruelty Free Bronzers for Summer

  The sun is shining in Los Angeles and I’m inside blogging and looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost. What’s a gal to do? Well first I use Beautisol sunless tanner on my face and body. Then, I use a great cruelty free bronzer. Here are some I think you’ll ...

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Healing Lifestyles and Spas

I want to put this site on your radar, because I think you’ll love it. It’s called Healing Lifestyles & Spas and it’s packed with articles, tips and giveaways about spas, eco-living, health, beauty and travel. Their goal is to help readers lead a more natural, healthy lifestyle – not ...

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Easy Ways to Afford Looking Glamorous

Sponsored Guest Post by Nancy Evans Shopping on a budget isn’t always easy, especially when you are after hot brand names to look fashionable. However, you don’t have to clean out your bank account and max out your credit card simply to look good. There are several easy ways to ...

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My Stinky Life

I have a REALLY strong sense of smell. And I have two cats. And a dog. So, I am always looking for ways to make my house, my car, my boyfriend, my life – smell better! I have 3 air purifiers – two in my living room and one in ...

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How to Save Money on Beauty Products

Guest Post by Jon Lal Quite a bit of consideration goes into purchasing only cruelty free beauty products. Applying the same principle of research to your shopping practice can help you save money on the beauty items you want to buy. After you’ve looked into the products and and checked ...

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