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You’re Dirty! THE Skincare Ingredient That Can Clean You Up!

Charcoal – the Unexpected Ingredient for Clean, Bright Skin! Think you’re a clean freak do ya? Do you know how dirty you actually are? According to Annet King of Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute, we slough off 1 million cells every 40 minutes. Gross! But that’s how our body ...

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kaeng raeng cleansing clay review by my beauty bunny

Kaeng Raeng Cleansing Clay Mask

Hi Bunnies! I’m back with another fabulous mask that I need to update you guys on, the detoxifying charcoal face mask, Kaeng Raeng Cleansing Clay. I previously reviewed this mask back in March but since then the company has updated the formula and asked if I would like to try ...

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The Lipstick League – Beauty Thanks

Question of the Week: What product are you most thankful for right now? Answer: We (finally!) had our first few days of fall weather with some super windy nights that dipped into the mid-40s (that’s cold for Southern California). That chilly weather was immediately followed by a stretch of hot ...

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Pyore Stem Cell & Green Tea Oil Balancing Day Cream Review

Thursdays with Cheeky Rox: Pyore Stem Cell & Green Tea Oil Balancing Day Cream Review Today we’re talking skincare. Pyore is a new skincare brand that is making a big splash in the cruelty-free beauty world. The brand has already released a wide array of products that will combat all of your ...

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Pacifica Personalized Facial

Pacifica Personalized Facial in a Box

Veganlicious Beauty Mondays: Pacifica Personalized Facial I (and possibly you) spend a lot of time reading ingredients, scouring products for any non-vegan culprits. So it’s a really welcome relief when a brand pledges to be 100% vegan (and, of course, 100% cruelty free) on ALL of its products. That’s exactly ...

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Beret Jane Miracle Salve Review

Thursdays with Cheeky Rox: Beret Jane Miracle Salve Review As you’ve all probably noticed, the life of a beauty blogger involves tons of trial and error with skincare. Recently, I discovered a new cruelty-free skincare product for face and body: the Miracle Salve by Beret Jane. For as long as I’ve been doing ...

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