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The Body Shop Hemp Bodycare Collection My Beauty Bunny

The Body Shop Hemp Bodycare Collection

Hemp Seed Oil in Skincare As I get older, I notice my skin requires more help in the moisturizing department. Back in my teens, I rarely remembered to use lotion, in my twenties I used it purely for scent and after shaving my legs. Now in my thirties, it’s become ...

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lather AHA facial therapy with copper and borage extrract skin renewing treatment creme my beauty bunny

LATHER AHA Facial Therapy Skin Renewing Treatment Creme

Anti-Aging Night Creme Aging skin in inevitable, and starts with showing signs with fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin texture. While I don’t mind the thought of aging, I always hoped that I would age gracefully and wouldn’t see it happening until much, much later. I’m in my early thirties ...

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5 DIY Face Masks My beauty Bunny

5 Must Try Face Masks For All Skin Types

5 DIY Face Masks To Try At Home Everything you need for beautiful skin is right in your own kitchen. It’s incredibly easy to make your own face masks at home. Whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, there’s a perfect mask to make you skin look stunning. Oily ...

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Pacifica Beauty Review My Beauty Bunny

Veganlicious Beauty Mondays – Pacifica Wipes and BB Cream Review

Veganlicious Beauty Mondays – Pacifica Beauty Review Welcome to Veganlicious Beauty Mondays, with Andrea from SimplyVeganlicious.com! We know that you know that My Beauty Bunny is NOT a strictly vegan beauty blog (but always vegetarian and cruelty free AKA no animal testing). That’s okay and that’s not changing. But we ...

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lather toning eye gel my beauty bunny

LATHER Toning Eye Gel With Vitamin K

LATHER Cruelty Free Lightweight Eye Gel. A long time ago, I was staying at a mid-range fancy hotel. I make it a point to NEVER use the hotel-provided toiletries because I can’t be sure whether or not they are cruelty-free. So imagine my delight when I inspected the tiny bottles only ...

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The Body Shop Mothers Day Limited Edition Set My Beauty Bunny

The Body Shop Mothers’ Day Limited Edition

The Body Shop Mothers Day Limited Edition Set. Did you forget to get your mom a gift for this Mother’s Day (which is Sunday, May 10th, in case you’re really out of the loop?) I’ll spare you the scolding and just let you know that The Body Shop, as usual, ...

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