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Ottlite Makeup Mirror

Up Close and Personal: OttLite Makeup Mirror

Getting the perfect look with a poorly lit mirror isn’t easy. I shouldn’t have to go to extreme lengths just to see what color my foundation actually is or to make sure my eye shadow matches my dress. I’m just as tired of it as you are, leading to my ...

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Burke Williams Sherman Oaks

Something New – Ayurvedic Treatments at Burke Williams

Burke Williams Day Spa now has three new treatments to please even the most jaded spa-goer (if you’re a regular spa goer, you shouldn’t be jaded, but you know…maybe ready to try something new?). These treatments JUST launched on June 1st, and they are based on Ayurvedic medicine. Using traditional ...

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niffers-baby-cream review by my beauty bunny

Niffer’s All Natural Baby Cream

All Natural cruelty free Baby Cream Since having a baby, I’ve been ultra careful in choosing products for both her and I to use. I look for things that are as natural as possible, but also effective in doing their job. Baby’s skin tends to be more sensitive than ours, ...

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Korres is Cruelty Free

Korres is Cruelty Free!

I am super late to the game, but Korres is cruelty free again! I used to buy (and feature!) their products quite often. I was always a fan. So, what happened? Well, the company has never tested on animals, but they were sold to Jonson & Johnson years ago. When ...

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Pat Pat beauty discounts

Major Beauty Steals and Deals

Being a beauty junkie doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune! My general rule is to only splurge on the things that matter. For the rest, look for beauty bargains! I came across daily deal site, Pat Pat, several months ago. They work directly with manufacturers and are able ...

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Burts Bees Cleansing Oil

Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil – for All Skin Types!

Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil You always hear that you shouldn’t be afraid to use cleansing oils on your face – even if you have combination or oily skin. I know, you’re thinking, “Jen, I love ya, but I ain’t putting oil on my face!” Well, this might surprise you – ...

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