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Metro Vac Review

Doggy Blow Out!

Metro Vac Review

Recently, I got the chance to try out a super hardcore doggy hair dryer called the Metro Air Force Commander (how’s that for a name?)! My friend Alex and I started an “open for one day only” doggy blow dry bar at my apartment (okay we only washed and dried two dogs – but still)!

If you have a long haired pooch, this dryer will save you time, save you work and leave your dog looking beautiful. No other compact dryer combines such features as air flow control, air concentrator, air flare tool, a groomer rake and much more. That’s why Metro Air Force Commanders actually cut drying time by two thirds. You could, in fact buy a more expensive dryer but it wouldn’t give you the grooming advantage. Because 60 years of Metro design and manufacturing experience give you high performance without high prices. So try this baby out, for about half of what you would expect to pay for dryers of this quality.

Metro Vac Commander Review

Metro Air Force Commander is a powerful floor/table dryer with two-speed performance, allowing you to groom large or small breeds with one dryer. This lightweight dryer is so powerful you will forget it’s portable. Features include an easy change filter and dual mounted legs that allow the Commander to be used vertically or horizontally. You can groom more dogs in less time … make more money. You’ll particularly like the job it does on heavy coated breeds. The Commander dries their hair without drying their coats.

If you’re a groomer, this is a must have! If you’re trying to save money by NOT going to the groomer, this is a great choice for you. If you normally let your pooch air dry or take him/her to the groomer, like we do with Riley, you probably don’t need it. Since Riley is spoiled and gets regular spa days, I decided to donate this awesome dog blow dryer to New Life K9 Rescue, so they can help more pups (and kitties) get adopted! And big sloppy, doggy kisses to Metro Vacuum for the donation!

Here’s how Foxy liked her blow out (after shot above and video below):

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  • Sarah S.

    My dog was TERRIFIED of blowdryers!

  • Brigitte Walsh

    I have this dryer and I could not live without it. My shih-tzu was taking HOURS (no exaggeration!) to dry with my regular blowdryer. It really does cut down drying time dramatically.

    One draw-back: it is very loud! The noise doesn’t bother my shih-tzu, Yoshi, but it does bother my husband :) I try to use it when I’m sure nobody is sleeping/napping, or totally engrossed with something on T.V.

    The results are quick and I have a nice, clean, fluffy pup when I’m finished.

  • Alex

    The dog in the video is mine and She loved being our little model. Metro dryers and other products are amazing and powerful!

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  • http://vacuumhandheld.org/ Jason Harrison

    Hi Jen,
    This doggy blow dryer is exactly what I need for my dog. He absolutely hates loud noises that blow dryers and vacuums make, so this is going to be great to help get rid of his fears. Thanks for exposing me to this,

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