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Henna Color Lab Products Review

Henna Products

Guest Post by Samantha Chan.

Henna Color Lab is a naturally-based and socially responsible company that churns out non-toxic and chemical free hair dyes and shampoos and conditioners.

Being a hair dye enthusiast, I leapt at the chance to try a safer, more natural alternative. Traditional hair dye is abrasive to the scalp and harsh on hair and its roots. But I was curious to see if a natural product could produce the same end results when compared to a chemically driven product. I tried the Henna Hair Dye in Wine Red, All Natural Shampoo in Minty Mix, and All Natural Conditioner in Lavender-Geranium.

Henna Dye

Henna Hair Dye in Wine Red
Henna is a natural STAIN comprised mostly of earthly materials such as herbs, seeds, and leaves. Seeing as how it is a stain versus a dye, your options as a brunette are limited. If you’re a natural blonde, then have at it! But note that this product will not remove pigment similar the way a dye would. So keep that in mind when choosing a color.

The product is a powder to be mixed with water to form a paste. I like this method as I have shorter hair and did not require the entire package. Allowing me to reserve the rest for a “touch-up” later down the road. This is unheard of with all the chemical products for at home hair dyes, which threaten to explode if kept too long.

Henna Dye

The smell was pleasant, reminded me of an herbal tea. The product definitely requires plenty of caution as this stuff stains! It took about a week for the water to run clear from my hair so patience and dark bath towels are highly recommended.

Henna'd Hair

But as mentioned, it has been about a week now and my color is fun and vibrant. I have naturally dark brown to black hair so the Wine Red gives it just the right amount of red tint (more noticeable in the sun). While there are limited choices in color with Henna Color Lab, I did not miss that stingy sensation and health concerns that I found with traditional chemical hair dyes.

All Natural Shampoo in Minty Mix
This shampoo was a fun little surprise! Customarily, with natural products, I’ve experienced less “sudsing” action. But the Minty Mix not only smelled delicious, it lathered quite generously. This product can also be doubled as a body wash as well.

All Natural Conditioner in Lavender-Geranium
The Lavender-Geranium conditioner is on the light side. For those that prefer a rich, creamy, and more deep conditioning type conditioner, this would not be the best fit. I however prefer a light-weight conditioner as I love the volume that it provides. Similar to the shampoo product, the conditioner flavor smelled delicious.

Overall I had a great experience in reviewing the Henna Color Lab products. The products produced good results and the added bonus of everything being natural sure helps a beauty queen sleep a little more soundly at night.


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