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Hubalou Hair Wrap

Hubalou Hair Towel

Hubalou Hair Wrap

Finally! A hair wrap that doesn’t damage my hair, and is actually big enough to hold all of my hair. I don’t even have a crazy amount of hair, so I don’t know what you super curly haired gals do! But this might be what you’ve been searching for. The Hubalou hair wrap is made out of 100% rayon from bamboo. It’s ridiculously soft!

Hubalou Hair Towel

The wrap is an absorbent, lightweight and gentle hair towel created to be used in place of terrycloth and microfiber towels. Made of sustainable bamboo fiber, the Hubalou Wrap minimizes heat dry time, prevents breakage and reduces frizz. The Hubalou Wrap is great for all hair types, and exceptionally helpful for naturally curly or brittle hair.

Lately, my hair has been breaking off due to my thyroid issues, so I’m happy to have this! Plus, it comes in a few gorgeous colors. I was sent the petal wrap with cream stitching. It’s a light coral color – so pretty.

Definitely a must have for women with damaged or BIG hair!

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