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Living Proof – No Frizz!

no frizzy hair
Model from the Living Proof site

My fine, wavy hair gets frizzy sometimes – especially when I blow dry it in a hurry. And, when I lived in Louisiana years ago? Forgetaboudit! Frizz was a daily occurrence. When I first heard about Living Proof hair products years ago, I was very intrigued. A non-silicone-based product that manages frizz without weighing your hair down? Sign me up!

So, a long time ago, I tried a sample of a Living Proof styling product and wasn’t that impressed, so I never really looked into it again. I didn’t realize how amazing this stuff is until YEARS later when I sampled the sulfate-free, oil-free and silicone-free shampoo, conditioner and styling cream at the same time. When used together, there is a huge difference – now I’m hooked!

The secret is a patented molecule, OFPMA, that coats the hair to block out water from the air (AKA humidity), so your hair doesn’t swell up and poof out. The products are light enough that they don’t weigh hair down at all. I don’t use them every day – maybe 2-3 times per week and that’s fine for low-humidity Los Angeles. When I visit the South or the East Coast, I’ll be using the products daily for sure.

My Beauty Bunny Jen

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  • http://lolassecretbeautyblog.blogspot.com/ lola seicento

    Fantastic review, Jen. I will definitely have to take a closer look at their products since I have naturally curly hair that tends to frizz at will! Thanks!

  • Patricia Engle

    I am excited to try Living Proof Products like the ad my hair is frizzy not all the time but most of the time. Can’t wait to I can try some

  • michele

    Are they cruelty free or no? I can’t really seem to find information

  • http://www.mybeautybunny.com chiefbunny

    Yes – we only review products that are cruelty free!

  • Alicia

    Hi, Did they reply to you that they are cruelty free? I can’t find any answers regarding if they do 3rd party testing or sell on the Chinese market. They only state that they do not test on animals which is not the same as being cruelty free. On their website message board they refuse to answer tons of customers who ask just this question. They reply to other threads directly before and after. This makes me very skeptical. I really want to buy their products…

  • http://www.mybeautybunny.com chiefbunny

    Yes – they said they are CF and don’t sell in China.

  • Laila


    not to belabor the point because I know that you have stated that they are cruelty free but I really liked the specificity of Alicia’s questions:

    – did they SPECIFICALLY state that they do not engage in third party testing?

    My Q is:

    – do you know if they plan to market in China? I really dislike that they will not commit to putting a bunny on their bottle because it becomes too easy to slip into animal testing without it as companies like estee lauder and the schlew of other companies that they own have done. Please give me every piece of info that you have on living proof because I am tired of being deceived by companies and I rather like their products.

    thanks in advance.

  • Brenda

    I am too curious about the specifics on this question. I emailed them myself and got that same response, that they dont test on animals. I am on the fence about purchasing their products. Please elaborate Jen.


  • http://blog.fryxie.com/ Courtney Graziano

    Problem! I just saw a post from them on Facebook: “Living Proof does not test our finished products on animals, nor do we ask our suppliers to test them on our behalf. If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at pr@livingproof.com!” What do they mean by “finished products”?

  • Kim Wolfe

    Courtney, they mean that the actual product you are holding in your hand is not tested on animals. However that does not mean that the ingredients that make up the product are not tested on animals.

  • ASC

    Thanks to all for posting about the cruelty free questions. That was the one question I was having issues verifying. I would not buy a product that supports such a horrific practice. I know now I’m good with buying LP for my haircare line. :-)

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