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Hello Gorgeous!

Written by: Lauren Warner, Staff Writer

Be a sizzling, sultry siren with the retro-licious beauty potions of Margarita Bloom! These ’50s retro-inspired, cruelty free beauty products will make you feel like the ultimate girly girl. Adorable, sexy and made with key ingredients like cocoa butter, milk, rose oil and lavender, how can you not add Margarita Bloom potions to your beauty arsenal?

My favorite part of these products is how they made me feel like a beauty bombshell while using them. It could have been the sassy, vintage packaging but I instantly became the neighborhood sex kitten (in my own mind) after using Smitten Kitten Shirley Sweet Pea Body Oil. This body oil has quickly become one of my favorite cruelty free body moisturizers. The scent is soft and deliciously feminine. (Frequent compliments from the opposite sex while wearing this oil doesn’t hurt either.) Made with organic sunflower, olive oil, organic rosehip and camellia oil – you had better believe the absolutely softness of your skin afterwards. The best part (oh, the best part!) is that the body oil has a pump that doesn’t ooze or spill all over the place. Instead it spurts out tiny, measured portions of the oil making application easy and non-messy!

Lola’s “Late Night Rendezvous” Night Time Crème Moisturizer smells like a sweet little sticky bun… or an éclair donut… something delicious! Extremely moisturizing, this face cream is perfect for nighttime skin repair and intense hydration. It’s super thick and creamy and is a bit too heavy for me to use every night, but like a deep conditioner for your hair – it’s a must have for your face!

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