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Get Moody This Valentine’s Day

Like a mood ring, NYX Cosmetics has created a “magic” lip gloss that reacts to each person’s unique chemistry producing your own custom shade of pink. Currently, they are four shades available in the “Mood Lip Gloss” product line.

“Mood” Lip Gloss in Romantic Love – This lip gloss goes on clear and turns into a dark pink hue.
“Mood” Lip Gloss in Affectionate – A strawberry-scented lip gloss goes on clear with a hint of shimmer and transforms into a frosted light pink.
“Mood” Lip Gloss in Sensual – This lip gloss goes on clear and transforms into a shiny deep mulberry hue.
“Blue” Lip Gloss Smile Brightener – This sheer lip gloss illuminates your smile through cool undertones in the gloss that complement the whites of your teeth.

NYX Cosmetics has always been a personal favorite choice for cruelty free lip gloss. Their lip gloss formulas are soft, smooth, non-sticky and easy to apply. They are light and don’t drag across your lips like other glosses when applying. I reviewed the “Mood” Lip Gloss in Sensual and the “Mood” Lip Gloss in Affectionate.” I really like the frosty shimmer of Affectionate along with the strawberry scent. It goes on frosty white and then warms up into a slightly sparkly light cotton candy pink. I love how this color is shimmery without big chucks of glitter in it. There’s nothing worse than a piece of glitter from your lipstick landing just above your lips or somewhere else on your face. The pink is also a really feminine color. The Sensual color went on as a darker sheer plum color but then mellowed out into a deep berry. Neither color went on very dark, but as long as they tubes were mixed before applying the colors definately changed and became a noticable yet sheer color tint.

They are available at NYX Cosmetics for $6 each!

Lauren Warner

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    Yum, can't beat strawberry scent!
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  • shady lane

    These look really cute! I love the idea.
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  • shady lane

    These look really cute! I love the idea.
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    Dam this reminds me of me little bro. This would be the best way to approach this. If you can tex or call her ask her "hey i was wondering if you would be my valentine?" Or if no number ask her in person. Get her a card and a bear mate a nice romantic card no jokes just something meaningful.

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    I'm a big laser fan and my boyfriend send me a power green laser as my birthday gift. i dont think my boyfriend would to spend any more than $150 on me. So what would you like to get for less than $150 for this Valentine's day gift? What is the best Valentine’s Day gift you have ever received?

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    Mood Lip gloss in sensual, I love the name. Does it work for 24 hours or 12 hours? Hope these products won’t spoil the Valentines Date.

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