Monday , 28 July 2014

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8 Must Have Summer Beauty Products

Summer Beauty Products

Summer is here and I have the A/C on full blast! I don’t have a pool, but as soon as someone invites me to their pool, I plan on taking full advantage! Here are some of my favorite summer beauty products to help you beat the heat and still look ... Read More »

Win a $1,000 Gift Card from Onsen!

Onsen Secret Giveaway

Onsen skin care is a cruelty free brand that is different from the rest in one major way. The water used in all the products is based on Japanese onsen (hot springs). That means it has a high mineral content that is able to penetrate the skin for maximum results. ... Read More »

Burke Williams Does Scrubs!

Burke Williams WeHo

Everyone knows Burke Williams is one of the best spas in SoCal, but I never thought of them as a place for scrubs. I mostly think of massages and facials. Turns out, even though they don’t have a “wet area” for scrubs, they can do a really nice scrub add-on ... Read More »

Update on my Lyme Disease

Never Give Up

So a personal post for Sunday… I tested positive for IgM antibodies for Lyme Disease (and co-infections) several months ago. I’ve tried treating it with antibiotics for about 3 weeks until I couldn’t take the worsened symptoms (joint pains, brain fog, headaches, fatigue, muscle pains) and the emotional symptoms (jumping ... Read More »

The Lipstick League – Best Lipstick


Question of the Week: You can only wear one shade of lipstick for the rest of your life – name it. Answer: This one is easy – Illamasqua Howl – a “matte terra cotta” that is definitely on the warmer, tomato-ish red side. This luxe, cruelty free lipstick is my ... Read More »

Eyebrow Tips by Elke Von Freudenberg

Elke brows

Article via Here at beautypress we had the opportunity to receive an eyebrow shaping from celebrity eyebrow specialist Elke Von Freudenberg at her studio on Broadway in New York City. Elke started her career as a makeup artist and often enough she started receiving a lot of attention for ... Read More »

Onsen Review – Milk Lotion Cleanser

Onsen Milk Lotion Cleanser

  There’s a secret to having refreshingly clean and moisturized skin! The secret is Onsen. Onsen is a skin care line named after the ancient Japanese hot springs, which are known for their health restoration powers. ——- What’s so special about the onsen hot springs and Onsen products? Anywhere from hundreds ... Read More »

January Labs Review

January Labs Review

January Labs keeps one man’s skin looking great – the natural way As I wrap up the final year of my 20’s, I’ve realized the time has come to start taking better care of my skin. After years of afternoons in the sun sans sunscreen or laying out on the ... Read More »

Pürminerals Lip Colors


Ladies, this summer we have a lot to celebrate and say “Cheers” about! Specifically, I’m talking about Purminerals lipsticks and lip glosses. First, I can’t help but rave about the Chateau de Vine Mineral Lipsticks. So far I’ve tried two hues, A-Lister (bright pink) and Fashionista (bright pinky coral). These two ... Read More »