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Spooky Bats Halloween Nail Tutorial

bats nail tutorial

Guest post by Phyrra

Halloween is my favorite time of year! I love bats, all sorts of cute and spooky bats. So I did a spooky blue bat tutorial for you.

What you’ll need for this tutorial:

  • a base coat polish (I used Cult Nails Get it On Base Coat)
  • a top coat polish (I used Out the Door Fast Dry Top Coat)
  • an midnight sky nail polish (I used Whet Wanderlust and China Glaze Tempest)
  • a one coat white nail polish (I used Zoya Gaia)
  • a one coat black nail polish (I used Cult Nails Nevermore)
  • a short dense nail art brush

Spooky Bats Halloween Nail Tutorial

Step by Step:

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Apply your midnight sky polish. I used 1 coat of Whet Wanderlust and layered China Glaze Tempest on top.
  3. Paint a moon towards the cuticle area. I used Zoya Gaia, which has a slight golden cast and was perfect for the moon.
  4. Paint a ^ shape. I used Cult Nails Nevermore.
  5. Paint an overlapping ^ to create your bat.
  6. Repeat until you have a colony of bats! Finish with a top coat.

Spooky Bats Halloween Nail Tutorial

Will you wear bats this Halloween?



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