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The Ultimate List of DIY Beauty Recipes to Try

beauty DIY recipes

We all want to save a little cash on beauty products sometimes. Splurge on the good stuff, and make the rest yourself. Here are some tried and true beauty DIY recipes from some of my favorite beauty bloggers. Let me know which ones you try and what you think! Great ... Read More »

DIY Cleansing Mist

Guest Post by Nadege Ngomsi Spring is on the rise and everyone is searching for better methods to cool down! Here is a simple DIY cleansing mist that will cool you down and provide awesome anti-aging skin benefits! What you’ll need: White Tea (White tea improves the function of skin ... Read More »

DIY Spa Treatments in Your Own Bathroom

Ever put mayonnaise in your hair? How about an egg white? Homemade beauty treatments have come a long way since the days of sitting with mayonnaise in your hair. In fact, due to pricey spa treatments, at home beauty treatments have become the healthy, economical choice. Whether it’s sugar scrubs, ... Read More »